Dales have installed Artificial Bowls Surfaces and Systems throughout the WORLD for all levels of play including the Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010.
Green have been laid in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Egypt, Tunisia, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Tenerife, Netherlands, Ireland, USA, Canada and may locations in the U.K.

Dales provide WORLD BOWLS approved products throughout the WORLD.

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The Pros and Cons of replacing your surface
Undecided on whether an artificial surface is what you need? Consider the following pros and cons for each setup




Low Maintenance Costs

Extended Season

Immediate Play on Completion

Can be constructed in six weeks

No specialist Mintenance Skills required

Constant Conditions

Better Levels


Surface Replacement (Ten Years)

Capital Costs







Natural Surface

Lower Capital Costs



Maintenence Costs

Machinery Costs

Risk of Disease

Loss of Levels

Time Delay on Completion to Playing





Artificial Outdoor Greens
Manufactured using MasterGreenTM Carpet.
MasterGreen is a fibre-bonded textile surface made from specially selected UV and colour-stable polypropylene fibres. The construction incorporates a scrim for maximum stability. The fibre has a low-glare finish, which is pleasant to play on and does not abrade or damage bowls.

Within the package there are:
• A choice of underlays to give the required Green Speed
• MasterGreen surface
• All our products and workmanship are fully guaranteed

For construction we offer:
• Site Survey
• Base works
• Drainage
• Paths
• Fencing
• Floodlights & Drainage

The MasterGreen system allows free passage of water both vertically and in conjunction with the underlay transversely to provide superior drainage over porous macadam or concrete laid to a suitable fall with perimeter drain. Except for the most extreme weather conditions MasterGreen will be available for play.

Minimum Maintenance

Use of an industrial wet/dry suction cleaner plus occasional light brushing to remove leaves and other organic debris is the main requirement. MasterGreen will not support the growth of moss or mildew. Moss can be treated with a proprietary moss killer if required.

See our World Bowls Performance Standard Manufacturers/Suppliers approval form Here



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Mastergreen is the surface of choice for outdoor bowls around the globe...

Endorsed and played by amateur bowls clubs and World Bowls Tour professionals worldwide



Dales provides three types of base construction for Outdoor Bowls Surfaces.

A typical specification Includes:


• Provide engineer to set out works
• Provide for compliance with Health & Safety Regulations
• Provide for transport of plant to and from site


• Excavate to remove vegetable soil 100mm deep and spread on site
• Trim and compact formation
• Weedkill formation

Excavate trench below ditch channels and supply and install 100mm diameter, perforated UPVC land drain and backfill with 20-25mm gravel
• Excavate trenches diagonally across green and supply and install 80mm upvc perforated land drain and backfill with 20-25mm gravel
• Supply and install upvc multi junctions
• Supply materials excavate for and construct precast concrete silt chamber
• Excavate for and supply stone soakaway and make connection for silt chamber

Ditch Channels
Supply and construct ditch channels to our details including kerb edgings to retain green


We offer the following base construction options:

Macadam Base
Sub-Base and Macadam to Green

• Supply and lay geotextile (Terram 1000 or equivalent)
• Supply, lay and compact 200mm thick layer of frost resistant stone sub-base (top 50mm laid by laser controlled paver)
• Supply, lay and roll 40mm thick layer of 20mm open graded bitumen macadam base course and 25mm thick layer of 10mm open graded bitumen macadam wearing course finished WB tolerances

Bowline Surface

Supply and lay PRO-WEAVE Bowling Carpet on Textile Underlay to meet World Bowls Board Perfomance Standards (Porous- Medium/Fast)

Specification includes:
• Covering of banks and ditches
• Marking out of rinks and greens
• Live bowl and jack markers
• Provision of ditch infill
• Machine stitched seams
• Seven year guarantee

Perimeter Path to Bowling Green

Provide 1.2m wide path to perimeter of bowling green with precast concrete paving slabs on sand bed on stone foundation or in tarmacadam - Coloured if required



1.8m high fence with feather edge panels slotted into 2.4m long concrete posts set 600mm into ground and surrounded in concrete, including 150mm timber gravel board

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Concrete Base

Constructing a structural slab needs calculating for thickness and steel content by a qualified structural engineer for the local ground conditions encountered on site.

This slab is made up of the following:
• A minimum of 150mm of C25 concrete is laid in bays 3.00m wide. Running in the opposite direction of play.
•  The concrete to have a layer of A 142 steel mesh. The mesh to be no closer than 50mm to the surface.
•  Between the concrete bays 20mm diameter steel bars must be inserted at one metre centres with one half in a plastic sleeve or coated with bitumen. These steel bars avoid curling during the curing period.
•  When each bay has been laid to a satisfactory level the concrete should be left until nearly cured and then power floated.
•  Upon completion of the power floating, the surface of the concrete must be sprayed with a moisture - curing product to avoid evaporation of the concrete.
•  Upon completion of the concrete laying 25mm deep saw cuts must be created at ten metre centres running in the direction of play.
•  Upon completion of all structural works the concrete screed must be tested using a three metre straight edge.
•  The tolerances that should be achieved must be plus or minus 2mm under a three metre straight edge and plus or minus 5mm from datum.

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Dynamic Base

• Excavate to required depth
• Compact and Trim
• Excavate and Lay Perimeter Drain using Perforated Plastic Pipe, backfill with gravel
• Lay Terram or similar (Geo-Fabric Membrane)
• Lay Edgings to Green Perimeter laid to a level to meet Bowls requirements
• Lay 150mm Type 1 MOT Frost Resistant Stone
• Roll and Compact
• Lay 30mm layer of 4mm to dust Granite Stone
• Laser Grade to a Level, Compact and Roll
• Tolerance required to WORLD BOWLS specifications
• Form side ditches by laying Kerb Edgings 200mm from edge of playing area
• Form End Banks in Brick/Block Work 300mm from edge of playing area and to a finished height of Minimum 250mm above playing surface

Product Information can be found Here
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• Manufactured exclusively for DALES in the UK from EPDM Rubber - for long useful life
• U.V. stable and can be used outdoors or indoors
• 5 Year Guarantee for peace of mind
• Meets Bowls Regulations re. Holding Surface
• Holds Bowls and Jacks in place whilst measuring carried out
• Easily cleaned
• Cost effective long term against foams and other rubber products
• Each mat measures 500mm x 300mm

ditch infill installation



We offer range of U.V. stabalise products which offer cushioning for bowls as well as covering the banks.




Whilst an Artificial Green is low maintenance and less skilled there are requirements throughout its lifespan to ensure a quality surface and value for money is achieved.

With no major level of skill required all club members can participate and a weekly rota organised so it is not an onerous task to a few people. Below are our recommendations on a Weekly, Monthly and Annual basis.

It is stressed that ongoing maintenance is an essential requirement to meet the terms of the guarantees given on our WORLD BOWLS approved Bowls Surfaces and to ensure the carpets are kept clean and in good condition. Failure to undertake correct maintenance can cause early wear, increased green speed and draw plus possible drainage problems if dirt from the atmospheric pollution is allowed to become embedded then harden. Experience of dealing with Artificial Bowling Greens for many years has shown that clean carpets provide the best bowling characteristics. A well maintained carpet will continue to provide good playing characteristics and an excellent appearance for many years.

Regular vacuuming must be carried out on a weekly basis to ensure all dirt and debris are removed from the surface.

It is recommended that an industrial wet/dry suction cleaner is used once per week to remove atmospheric dirt which will settle on a surface. Used in the dry mode this will normally be sufficient but, it has been found that the best results are obtained if cleaning is carried out when the carpet is wet or at least damp. In prolonged dry weather occasional use of a water hose prior to cleaning is beneficial. Debris such as leaves, twigs, etc., should be swept away using a brush with bristles of medium hardness. Alternatively, in dry weather, a recommended suction cleaner with rotating brushes and a separate debris collection system maybe used.

Recommended machines are:
Pro-Weave Sports Vac - Leaflets available on request with costs

If the surface is holding water it will be beneficial to apply a Wetting Agent. This will maintain a porous surface and breakdown surface tension and build up of environmental pollutants. Apply the product neat to the surface for best results, apply using a knapsack or walkover sprayer. U.K weather conditions tend to promote growths of moss and algae on artificial bowls surface particularly ifleft unchecked. This can eventually affect drainage of water through the carpet and treatment is therefore essential. Application of a proprietary brand of mosskiller /algaecide such as Qualgex is recommended, using a gardeners knapsack spray, a watering can with attached rose or a walkover sprayer (Leaflet available) and as per the makers instructions. It is advisable to apply moss treatment before growth becomes prevalent and more difficult to remove, biannual application will inhibit moss and algae. Once moss/algae have been killed, usually within 7-10 days after application, the carpet may be immediately cleaned with the suction cleaner to remove the debris. If the moss growth is not extensive a stiff broom may be used to remove dead material. It is advisable to apply moss treatment before growth becomes prevalent. Treatment twice a year in Autumn and spring is recommended by Dales.

After several years if there is a build up of Moss/ Algae it may be beneficial to carry out a Power Wash. This should be done carefully utilising a carpet detergent during the operation and applying a Moss Treatment afterwards - Dales can carry out this work if required.

When a MASTERGREEN™ carpet is installed in warm, sunny weather, it is not necessary to carry out further tensioning, Should installation take place in cool or inclement weather it may be necessary to re~tension the carpet where conditions are suitable. However, it has not been found necessary to carry out regular re-tensioning of MASTERGREEN™ surfaces unlike the requirements for less stable competitive woven surfaces. The only subsequent maintenance will be periodic re-positioning of the end panels of the MASTER GREEN TM_surface to ensure that all panels are eventually use in the area where the wear is heaviest. Based on experience to date it is envisaged that re-positioning will not normally be required until a surface is at least 4-5 years old, possibly much older. This work is undertaken by our specialist fitters to ensure maximum possible surface life.

The MASTER GREEN™ bowls surface drains very quickly after rain, with minimal disruption to play. There is no technical reason to stop playing during wet weather although players may prefer a break!

QUALGEX - Specification sheet in Package
WETTING AGENT- Specification sheet in Package

Walk Over Sprayer.




We offer a range of U.V. stabalise products which offer coushioining for bowls as well as covering the banks.

For more information download the brochure Here or visit:

Encapsulation Cleaing & Water Strain Removal System
For all information on Encapsulation cleaning and water stain removal including how the Pro-Weave Sports Vac can be a useful application, please download our spec sheet



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